I was born and raised as a fourth generation grass seed farmer in Worley, Idaho.  After graduating from George Fox University with a degree in Business Management (and marrying my college sweetheart), I decided to go back to the farm after a 3 year tenure in the insurance industry. I started working at Circling Raven Golf Course in Worley, Idaho as a sub-contractor on the grow-in of the driving range and several holes.  

I then decided to get into the golf industry and went back to school at The Pennsylvania State University for my Turf degree.  At this time, I started playing more golf and became more intrigued in the science and art behind turf management.  The following season I went back to work for Circling Raven as a crew member working on the course. It was then I got hooked on golf course maintenance. I then wanted the next opportunity to advance and became the spray technician at Waverley Country Club in Portland, Oregon.  After one year working on several renovation projects with Architect John Harbottle III and the superintendent, I was asked to interview for the Assistant Superintendent's position at Persimmon Country Club.

At Persimmon, I was placed as the acting Superintendent within 3 weeks of my arrival. As the golf course was just transitioning from semi-private to fully private status, I oversaw a crew of 25 including 2 other Superintendents for two weeks while the course was brought up to standards of a private course.  During my tenure I helped oversee the installation of over 2 miles of drainage.

Tri-City Country Club asked me to be Superintendent in 2006.  I set out to restore the club to what it has become today. With a Master plan designed by architect John Stiedel, 9 new tee complexes were built.  A master tree plan, master cart path plan and new turf department standard operating procedures helped to set the course in the current direction.

I was asked in August of 2015 to become the General Manager of the Tri-City Country Club. I gladly accepted the position while still holding on to my position as the Golf Course Superintendent. 

Now things have come back full circle. I work back in the grass seed industry as the Production Manager for Barenbrug USA. I oversee the production of over 30,000 acres of grass seed. Working with the Global Seed Supply Chain Manager, I place acreage for seed production all over the globe.